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This book is a One-Stop-Shop for Crypto Enthusiasts and even for the people who are curiously seeking knowledge about the Crypto world. This book is purely based on the Author’s research and experience in the Crypto market, the agenda of this book is to promote knowledge in the field of Crypto technology and what it is actually based on. Rather than approaching it as a gambling market, this book will help you to invest your thoughts in the Technology and the Revolution which the crypto world is setting for our future. The author has explained, “Who was the mystery man, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO?”, “Why was BITCOIN Created?”, “What is DOGECOIN?”, “How can one start their own Cryptocurrency?”, “Opinion of the Global Personalities on Cryptocurrency”, Is it a SCAM?”. To make the understanding of the purpose of Cryptocurrency better, the author has explained the concept of money and how it became so valuable.

This book talks about the Blockchain technology, which the author thinks will revolutionize the Digital transactions of the world, as it has untapped potential and a lot to experiment with.

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